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NDW HealthAer Personal Air Purification System

The HealthAer Personal Air Purifier that eliminates bacteria, campfire
smoke, allergens, mold, food odors, tobacco odors, animal odors,
cannabis odor, skunk, number 2, Gas/Oil odors, and the list goes on. The
HealthAer is filterless, so there is no maintenance required, just plug in for
Brilliant Air, fast.


  • Tubular Technology-No plates or screens to clog up or short out
  • 100 G/hr ozone output
  • 12 VDC, 320 mA
  • Medium frequency, solid-state electronics
  • Wall mountable, compact size, high reliability
  • Weighs .85 lbs
  • Built to treat 3,000 cubic foot area or less
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NDW Consumer Kit

Description: NDW’s Water Purification systems use filtration to remove sediment, bacteria, some bad taste, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and pesticides. Next, Ozonation kills bacteria, eliminates odors and bad tastes, and oxygenates your water. This system not only purifies the water and makes it taste great, it is healthier too, as it is oxygenated.  

This is our core aftermarket product for installation by a qualified RV service center into vehicles, especially RVs/motorhomes.

Core Applications include: RVs, Truck Sleeper Cabs, Specialty Vehicles


    • Dual-Treatment process
        • The 5-micron filter removes sediment, bacteria, some bad taste, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and pesticides
      • The Activated Oxygen/Ozone Generator oxygenates and purifies while disinfecting the water with activated oxygen. This not only makes the water safe to drink, but eliminates bad odors (such as sulfur, the rotten egg smell, and metallic smells) and kills harmful bacteria.
    • Activated Oxygen/Ozone Generator, as Ozone is 1.5 times more effective than chlorine and works 3,125 times faster
    • Chemical Free, Green, Environmentally Sustainable, and has Zero Waste.
    • Ozone provides antimicrobial protection against E.Coli, Coliform, and Legionella
    • Meets FDA and USDA bottled water quality requirements
    • Purifies 2,880 gallons per day
  • Uses 1 amp, 12 volts, and weighs 7.2lbs
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Feelin’ Good: 10 Liter Water In A Box

  • 9.4 pH
  • Replaces 20 plastic water bottles
  • Good for your body, Good for the environment
  • Each minute of each day 910,000 plastic water bottles litter the planet
  • 10 liter box of Feelin’ Good Premium Drinking Water replaces approximately 20 plastic bottles 
  • Feelin’ Good Water is fresh, bacteria free, and is great tasting longer due to its open and close spout
  • Easily stackable and placed in a refrigerator or for mobile events and trips due to its compact size
  • The prepaid postcard on each box allows you to send a note or drawing to a loved one
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What is Activated Oxygen?

“Activated oxygen also known as ozone, or O3 is defined as: 1. a form of oxygen that is found in a layer high in the earth’s atmosphere. Or 2. fresh healthy air especially near the sea. Activated oxygen is a three atom oxygen molecule. It differs from normal oxygen (O2) but over time it will break back down to normal oxygen (O2) that we breathe. Many become confused over the term ozone. There is good ozone and there is bad ozone. Most commonly used is bad ozone which is linked to high ozone alerts or smog alerts in certain areas of the world. This kind of ozone is mixed with toxic gases that can be breathed in. Good ozone, or pure ozone is found in our upper atmosphere and you may smell the essence of ozone after a thunderstorm. Activated oxygen (ozone) is known as one of the best and most effective means of natural disinfection. This process is commonly used in array of applications such as public water purification, fruit and vegetable handling, hotel housekeeping, and hospital disinfection, air purification, and even in hot tubs.”

No Dirty Water’s system offers natural, pure, odor-free, oxygenated, great tasting water!

NDW offers enhanced oxygenated water through a unique ozonation/filtration process that purifies even the most contaminated water within seconds. The result is natural, pure, oxygenated, odor free, great tasting water. 

5% of NDW’s pretax profit will go towards several initiatives to ensure that no dirty water is a reality world wide.


People Living Without Clean Water In The World Today
Children die per day (under the age of 5) from water related diseases.
Plastic Water Bottles are thrown away or littered. Not recycled.


Like no other system, No Dirty Water does 6 main things that together make it possible to provide great water and solve the world water issues.


Our system can oxygenate, ozonate and filtrate city water, storage tank water, or campground water entering your R.V., boat, tent, or temporary shelter. And by purchasing NDW products you directly support projects that will solve the World’s Clean Water Issues globally.



Only 23% of plastic bottles are recycled which means 38 Billion plastic bottles annually (104 million plastic bottles a day!) are thrown away or littered.

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