Gillette’s Interstate RV Aligns with NDW at 2019 Mid Michigan RV Show Jan 17-20

//Gillette’s Interstate RV Aligns with NDW at 2019 Mid Michigan RV Show Jan 17-20

Gillette’s Interstate RV Aligns with NDW at 2019 Mid Michigan RV Show Jan 17-20

On January 17-20 at the Mid Michigan RV show at the
MSU Pavilion, Gillette’s Interstate RV and NDW (No Dirty Water) are joining their efforts to
create a place where current and future RV owners can look at the newest models of RVs as
well as experience demonstrations of NDW’s revolutionary water purification system. Also,
Gillette’s service center is fully prepared to complete installations of the NDW system.
Additionally, anyone who will be attending the show will have a chance to win a Flex Watch,
courtesy of Gillette’s Interstate RV and NDW. In addition, Gillette’s Interstate RV will be offering
a wide array of RVs at the show, which will be opened up for viewing and to purchase. On each
RV sold there will be an opportunity for customers to add on an NDW RV water purification
system, which Gillette’s will install themselves.
“Now is the time when people begin to think, get ready for spring, summer, enjoying the great
outdoors. At Gillette’s we have new models that will blow the consumer away. Plus, factory reps
will be on hand to answer questions. Last, water is the essence of life, and we are so excited to
partner with NDW on this market redefining water purification/deodorization system” said Stuart
Brabant General Manager, Gillette’s Interstate RV.
“Gillette’s is a great partner for us, as they have a great reputation in Michigan for being one of
the premier RV dealerships, from not only an RV sales and service perspective, but also as a
thought-leader as they bring new technology into the RV marketplace, such as our RV water
purification system”, said John Sztykiel Co-Founder, NDW.

No Dirty Water will offer their RV Consumer Kit which features an Activated Oxygen/Ozone
Generator that produces water that is:
● Safe & Pure
● Great-Tasting
● Oxygenated
● Natural
● Odor-Free

This system works to purify the entire RV water system, and Gillette’s Interstate RV is equipped
to complete installations on both existing RVs and those purchased at the Mid Michigan RV
Show at the MSU Pavilion.

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