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The Specs

• 5-micron filter
• Ozone generator as Ozone is 1.5 times more effective than chlorine,
3,125 times faster
• Chemical Free, Green, zero waste, environmentally sustainable
• Antimicrobial protection against E.coli, Coliform, and Legionella
• Meets FDA, USDA bottled water requirements
• Powerful, great flow, 1,440 gallons/day
• 1 Amp
• 10 lbs or less
• Dual Treatment process where…Trust, Joy, Life
• The filter removes sediment, bacteriostatic, bad taste,
chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron odor, pesticides
• The ozonator will oxygenate the water while disinfecting all
within the water holding tank. Ozone also aids the water
in odor (metallic taste & rotten egg odor and anti
microbiological control.
• Energizing—producing highly oxygenated,
clean, pure, safe water, 5gpm (gallons per minute)
• Tremendous flow
low power draw, solar opportunity, enowenergy.com

99 in stock

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  1. Nik Steitz

    wow best one!

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