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Current State of Water


Bottled water is one of the top items brought on a trip because they feel it is the only water they can trust to be safe to bathe in, wash their clothes, clean their cooking utensils, and prepare food in, but unfortunately, they are causing major damage to our world in the process. NDWs system offers a safer, cleaner, and a more reliable way to use water safely while traveling. Filters too often are the first and only choice.

Plastic Bottled Water

  • In 2016, Bottled Water in overtook carbonated soft drinks as the most popular beverage to purchase
  • The average person in the U.S. uses about 167 disposable water bottles annually, and only recycles about 38 of them (About 23%).
  • The energy wasted by using bottled water would be enough to power 190,000 homes.
  • Microplastics within the bottles moving into your body

Astounding Water Facts Per Day

  • $466 million is spent each day on bottled water
  • 104 million plastic bottles of water thrown away or littered per day
  • 2 billion people per day live with dirty water
  • 4114 children (under 5) die each day due to illnesses caused by dirty water

Water Concerns

Campground Concerns

  • “If you think the water is safe, think again” R.V. Life, Rene Agnedano, June 6th, 2017
  • E-coli infiltrates campground water regularly and you are literally playing “Russian Roulette” when you choose to use it
  • Even if you do manage to not get ill the smell is often enough to make you ill. It has a high sulfur content and in turn a rotten egg smell.




  • Filters in RVs must be replaced regularly and their effectiveness is questionable
  • These filters typically lower the P-H of the water
  • Most filters do take out all the toxins from your water supply
  • Filters over time can become the source of the toxins
  • Filters are slow
  • Filters, if not changed properly, can become the source of the contamination
  • Difficult to determine the filter effectiveness
  • Chemicals can leave an aftertaste, residue
  • Chemicals are not natural

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Concerns

  • Reverse Osmosis removes 92-99% of beneficial calcium and magnesium from the water
  • RO based water can even contribute in leeching existing minerals from the body
  • When used for cooking, RO based water also leeches important minerals from meat and vegetables up to 60%
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